Horse and humans in landscapeHorseHub is an EU financed project being developed in the region of Lundaland (Lund, Kävlinge, Staffanstorp. Lomma and souther Eslöv municipality), in Skåne, Sweden. The name of the EU project is Sustainable Growth for Horse Businesses (Hållbar Växtkraft Häst). The project owner is Kävlinge kommun. All Leader Projects report to Jordbruksverket.

The purpose and the goal of the project is to create an infrastructure to help horse businesses thrive, containing networks, trainings, workshops, mentor-hood, internship systems, knowledge spreading, etc. in all areas that will support a sustainable growth in the horse business sector.

If you live or have your horse business within the Lundaland region, it is free of charge to be a member of  the network HorseHub. Your contribution is your knowledge time, energy and will to grow and will to help others grow. The HorseHub project is also open for participants outside of Lundaland (and Sweden), but then there will be a small membership fee.

Since HorseHub is founded on the principles of a give & gain network – it is a bidirectional project. It means we, all members are equal, and we give and gain by taking part. It is by no means a passive membership, for anyone.

A secondary goal is to establish HorseHub as a sustainable business on its own so it can continue to help horse businesses grow far and long beyond the EU-funded project has finished.

Sustainability is one of our key concepts and we integrate into our work by adhering to UN:s 17 global developmental goals that are to be reached by 2030.

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